benefits of digital marketing

Get to know about 11 Benefits of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing


Benefits of Digital Marketing Vs. Digital marketing is a hot topic these days. Everyone here wants to figure out what is most effective and suitable marketing. Marketing is an essential part of any business. Traditional marketing is like only for big brands because it’s not as much as cheap as the Benefits of Digital Marketing.

benefits of digital marketing
It seems like a very hard decision to make, which mode of marketing should be useful and will give a good return. In the 19th century, we cannot imagine the benefits of Digital Marketing on the booming part, life will move across social media. It’s amazing to think that our new generation doesn’t know about the Nokia 1100 and Nokia 1800. By born, they play with a smartphone i phone. So this is a totally digital world.

Marketing is the main aspect of every business that you put on the top part. A smart business guy will set a separate fund for marketing purposes.

Now the issue is, we live in the generation where a big amount of population does shopping, transactions online while another chunk does not know the benefits of digital marketing and how to use the internet.

So here Benefits of Digital Marketing Vs traditional marketing becomes tough.
However, you can make a table to take decisions about the benefits of digital marketing Vs traditional marketing. you should first get the pros and cons of both the marketing ways.

You need to check the Benefits of Digital Marketing Vs traditional marketing statistics and then will know about which type of marketing you need suitable.

What is Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing refers to a type of advertisement, promotion in which companies used this method in the early period to market their business/ service or product. This is the kind of marketing strategy that is that time best known to many public because most of the population around the world used this method and enjoyed it.
This includes:-
1 Radio
2 Newspapers
3 Outdoor
4 Magazines
5 Fax
6 Networking
7 Direct Mail
8 Exhibitions & Conferences
8 Product Samples
9 TV
10 Face to face meetings
11 cold calling
Some of these examples:

• Radio and television marketing

Television and radio have always accompanied our lives and often these two communication media add color to life. Although there has been a transition of the era to the digital age, humans still cannot just let go of radio and television.

Therefore, marketing your business or services by traditional marketing like radio and television should not be missed. This one marketing strategy can reach a very large number of listeners and viewers in a relatively short time.

What you really need to consider if marketing via radio and television is that your ad must be so attractive that it can make people take action after hearing and seeing your ad.
• Direct Marketing
Believe it or not, direct marketing is not dead, but it still provides effective results for sales. Promote your business directly from the house to house by distributing brochures, catalogs, and other promotional materials.

You just need to spread your promotion directly like, tucking in a brochure on the fence of the house, until the vehicle is parked. This turned out to be very effective for promotion. However, don’t forget to also provide information that is effective and useful

What is Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium.
1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
2. Content Marketing
3. Social Media Marketing
4. Pay Per Click (PPC)
5. Affiliate Marketing
6. Native Advertising
7. Marketing Automation
8. Email Marketing
9. Online PR
10. Inbound Marketing

Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing:-

Now we know that what is traditional marketing and what is Digital Marketing and Benefits of Digital Marketing. With the statics, we will figure out the pros and cons for the same as the following points

20 Benefits of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing

Here we will discuss 20 reasons why the Benefits of Digital Marketing is more powerful than Traditional Marketing. Let see who will win the battle.

1. Cheap Cost/ economical

Digital Marketing is always cheaper than Old traditional Marketing. You must know the cost of advertising in News Papers almost in lacs of rupees for the front cover for one day only. Small Medium Enterprises cannot afford this way initially.
For Newspaper ads, Radio Ads, TV ads we need to pay more money. Digital Marketing or the benefits of Digital Marketing comes very cheaply. On the other hand, online marketing is really something to provide even for young business guys the opportunity to afford right out of some saved up money.
So even as the student can startup thanks to the very cheap price for the Benefits of Digital Marketing. You may observe in some state Street food like chaat wala pakodewala also using this technique to get their customer.

2. Quick Results

Benefits of Digital Marketing is cheaper than Traditional Marketing, better and much more cost-effective marketing channel that delivers real time result. With Traditional Marketing you have to wait for weeks and sometimes even for months before ads start turn have all the tool to see in quick result such as:

• How much audience visit per day
• location of audience
• conversion rates
• bounce rates
• time and age group of visitors

3.Brand booming

Guys, you know that here everyone does not has a brand like Reliance and Tata. We are small companies with law budget and trying to build a brand image through Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing.

In traditional marketing it’s limited because of limited space and frequency of you see the benefits of Digital Marketing guys you have all your website to show the visitors you can show them images, videos and now the podcast is also available whats now here Benefits of Digital Marketing won the battle with Traditional Marketing.

You can use any social platform to get the benefit of Digital Marketing for Booming or brand. So this is the time to make your brand with less money and Digital Marketing skills.

4. Non-Interfering

Now, we will see that how benefits of Digital Marketing will win the battle with Traditional Marketing in terms of non-intrusive. see most of the people buy NewsPaper to read the daily news and enjoy a cup of tea with that, not for reading any branding Ads.

I am very much sure that you will like to listen to FM Radio for songs and jokes, seriously not to listening any advertisement.

5. Instant Promotion

With the help of Digital Marketing, you don’t need to wait for even a minute to promote or product or services. Social media is a fast and easy way to reach your targeted audience. Here we are observing the benefits of digital marketing over traditional marketing.

6. Easy measurement

We are talking about the benefits of Digital marketing over traditional marketing so measurement is the most important factor. You should know the value of your invested money and ROI etc. here with the help of an online tool which is provided by Google itself, we can measure each and everything and export file to prepare the report.

7. Improved conversion rates

You can reach your client or customer at any time, without disturbing them with multiple call messages and, reaching clients online is to be a good idea. The one not important thing we can do just send them an email and let them make a decision to purchase and learn more about our business. this will definitely become a conversion rate enhancement idea.

8. Trust builds with the customer

Here trust build with the customer is very essential part. You can connect with the customer through social media. Customize products according to their demand. Here you will get benefits of digital marketing with that connection with a customer.

9. Get your potential customer

We see in traditional marketing banners, flyers are distributed without knowing anything about a potential customer. Do you know how many visitors even see the banner? No, we can’t know about the potential customer. With the benefits of digital marketing, we can arrange our targeted customer location, etc.

10 Retargeting

You might know the meaning of retargeting. Exactly, you can follow up with the customer who has visited your website in the past. This will be beneficial for you to get online.

11 product or service review:-

The one bigger reason and my favorite. Before purchase any product or service you can get all the positive and negative reviews about the product. This will give a value for the money information


Benefits of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing explained in a simple way. You might get the relevant information for the same. Digital Marketing is important as well as a vast area. Every Business may adopt this because of affordability. Small, medium and large businesses adopting digital marketing strategies to grow with the market. Even sole proprietors are using online platforms to grow business.

Thank you for your patience.

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